If you feel as though you are overworked, don't spend enough quality time with your significant other, or simply need a change of scenery, taking one of the many city breaks in the UK or Europe may be the answer.

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Health Benefits

Many studies have shown that a short break is good for your health and can also help to increase productivity at work or school. A couple of days away allows you to take part in activities you enjoy, such as reading, dining out or perhaps something more active such as fishing, golf or sailing. Of course, you don't have to do anything at all - one of the advantages of a short break is that you can do absolutely nothing and be refreshed when Monday morning comes around. One solution to really getting the most out of a couple of days away from your routine is to leave behind the laptop and mobile phone if you want to focus on spending time with someone special, consider booking a room with no television.

Financial Benefits

One big advantage of taking a short break in the city is that it allows you to enjoy a couple of days away without breaking the bank. Take advantage of offers that include train or air travel, accommodation and meals. A two night city stay will cost you a lot less than a week or two in Spain or Greece, and you can enjoy several short breaks throughout the year. If your job is stressful, or you and your spouse somehow don't see each other for days at a time, several short breaks during the year can really be beneficial. Short breaks in the city are also the perfect way to celebrate a birthday, anniversary or other special occasion, again without stretching the budget too much.

Where To Go

A break in the city allows you to spend a few days in a city you know well, or to explore somewhere new and exciting, and Europe's many low cost airlines have put most of the continent in easy reach. London, Edinburgh, Paris and Venice are obvious and popular destinations, but for something different, spend a couple of nights in Warsaw, Tangiers or Riga. Many short breaks in the city allow you to add on such extras as a city tour or various sightseeing options. If you don't mind the jet lag, you can enjoy a long weekend in New York, Montreal or the Bahamas, although there is also plenty to do closer to home in Manchester, Bristol or Newcastle.